Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ancestor Namesakes

Figuring out who my ancestors are named after has always been a fun past time for me. The best one yet is the family of my great great grandparents Allen and Cornelia "Neely" Correll Collett. 

Their first child was Lillian Fostina and I have not been able to figure out where that name came from.

Their second child was Jacob Edward. Neely's  father was Jacob, as was her brother,  and her brother Charles' middle name was Edward.

The next son was Joseph Allen, named for his father. I do not know his father Allen's middle name but I do know it starts with a J. Could be Joseph? 

Daughter Harriett was born next, named after her grandmother, Neely's mother. 

The third and last son was Charles Fisher. Fisher was the middle name of Neely's brother and the name he went by. And Charles was the name of her brother whose middle named was used for Jacob. I think she used her two favorite brothers names but mixed them up. Jacob Edward was named for Jacob Fisher and Charles Edward, and Charles Fisher was named for the same two. Are you with me?

Next was my dear great grandmother Annie. She was named after her great grandmother Annie Groner, mother of Harriett.

The last born child was Molly who is still a mystery. Maybe they thought it was a cute name.

Jacob 'Fisher" Correll

Charles Edward Correll

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